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Estate management and planning are commonly regarded by society as unimportant. Many believe that estate management and planning are meant only for people who are wealthy or who have high-incomes and for the elderly. Such an attitude could lead to endless problems with no solution in sight. Hence it is important that people from all strata's of society have a clear understanding of what is really meant by estate planning and management. Such awareness would certainly put a stop to the never ending problems associated with estate management.

Estate management and planning consists of asset management before and after death. This is to ensure the deceased's accumulated wealth is properly inherited and enjoyed by the surviving heirs.

Wisdom and care need to be exercised in estate planning and management, for estate management is not merely the rounding up of, or management and conservation of the assets; it must necessarily culminate in the smooth and hassle-free transition of the accumulated wealth to the lawful heirs.

AmanahRaya in assisting the public in Estate Planning and Management ensures that the interests of the heirs are always safeguarded, guaranteed and preserved in a professional manner. AmanahRaya, as the leading trust corporation in the country, is always ready to help you solve your problems.


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