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AmanahRaya offers professional services at reasonable rates in writing, custodianship and execution of Wills. Any person above 18 (21 for Sabah) and of sober mind can make a Will.

Will-writing, custodianship and execution are three key services provided by AmanahRaya at a reasonable fees. Will writing at AmanahRaya is done professionally and in accordance with Islamic and Civil laws. The life-long Wills custodianship guarantees its security and confidentiality. After demise the Will is executed in such a way that all the wishes of the Testator are fulfilled.

Will Writing

AmanahRaya has the expertise in writing Wills in line with civil and Syariah laws (for Muslims). Will-writing is an essential step in estate planning whereby one conveys his/her wishes as to how his/her assets should be distributed.

Essential Clauses Found in Wills

  • Advice and instructions to spouse, children and other family members.
  • Name of spouse, children and other lawful heirs.
  • Statement of assets and liabilities owned and incurred during one's lifetime.
  • Instructions (as contained in the Will) for AmanahRaya to settle all liabilities before asset distribution.
  • Statement of intention to donate to a loved one or for a charitable purpose.
  • Appointment of Executor/Administrator, Trustees or Guardian for minors.
  • Testator's directions as to the amount to be expended for estate administration. The Testator may impose certain restrictions to ensure his assets are not used up for purposes that would neither benefit him or his heirs.

The Will must be signed by the Testator and be witnessed by two (2) competent witnesses. This is to prevent the authenticity of the Will from being challenged after the death of the Testator.?/p>


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