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Estate refers to the movable and immovable assets of the deceased after deducting all lawful liabilities due and owing to third parties.?

Estate administration refers to the process of transferring properties held by the deceased to the rightful beneficiaries or other interested parties such as Baitulmal or the Malaysian Government.?

Why is it necessary to administer the estate?

Administration of the deceased's estate is necessary in order to ensure the assets reach the rightful beneficiaries instead of lying in limbo. Estate administration must be carried out speedily to prevent any injustice to or needless hassle for the beneficiaries.

Some Complications Encountered in Estate Administration

  • No appointment of Executor or Administrator for estate administration.
  • Non-availability of essential documents such as Death Certificate, documents relating to property ownership or debt (such as Savings Account books car/land grants, etc).
  • Lack of co-operation from the deceased's beneficiaries such as non-attendance at hearings/enquiries.
  • Lack of consensus among the beneficiaries.
  • Most of people believes that estate administration is a trivial matter and not worth all that trouble.
  • Not being knowledgeable enough about estate planning.
  • A series of deaths which will complicate estate administration

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